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The CenPOS platform

Interchange and transaction management

Proper processing means lower costs

Commercial card payments are on the rise, with average annual growth of 30% per year since 2014. Used to control accounts payable spending, these cards used by businesses and governments, represent an area of key importance for your customers. However, legacy payment systems do not support the proper workflow to accurately process these card payments, leaving the business vulnerable to higher costs and few authorizations. Handling commercial cards improperly can increase the cost of a particular transaction by as much as 59%. Your organization is presented with an opportunity to gain higher revenues from new customers while avoiding certain costs when accepting commercial card payments.

Merchant credit card statements are quite complex, as the billing of transactions is governed by more than 700 interchange categories and thousands of card brand rules.  Failure to send the correct data, properly format transactions, and follow an ever-changing set of card brand regulations results in higher expenses, commonly referred to as transaction downgrades.  Because card brand interchange rates cannot be negotiated, most business leaders think that the expense cannot be managed.  This is typically true, unless they add intelligence to the process.  Our patented interchange and transaction management system micro-manages the details of every transaction to ensure compliance with card brand data requirements.  Compliant transactions cost less and avoid unnecessary losses due to chargebacks by properly reversing excess authorizations, obtaining incremental authorizations, and properly settling backordered and delayed shipments among other things.

Level III Data is additional data that can be supplied with commercial cards to qualify the transactions for available lower interchange rates for those card types. This includes additional details about the customer’s order, such as tax amount, freight amount and line item details about the individual items the customer ordered.

CenPOS helps your business embrace business customers by properly authorizing these transactions with additional data elements in order to improve authorization rates while decreasing the cost of acceptance, achieved through collection of the necessary Level III data.

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Easy eCommerce with seamless systems

The CenPOS eCommerce solution allows you to accept payments online easily and securely while scaling to your business needs. Your customers can register multiple payment options for future use throughout the CenPOS platform.

As more and more businesses seek to compete in the online world, leading players use systems like CenPOS to micro-manage payment information to reduce the cost of acceptance and shift certain risks to the card issuing bank.  These important aspects are essential in today’s hypercompetitive world where razor thin margins require intelligent payment authorization and processing in order to be successful.

Our payment portals integrate seamlessly into your website and do not require your customers to navigate to another page. You can use custom information fields to capture customer data aside from their payment information. Also, all transactions made through the payment portal are available through our reporting tools for easy reconciliation.

This solution is ideal for charitable organizations accepting donations, residential associations, bill pay, service payments, and any merchant who requires payment acceptance but does not require high-end integration with a shopping cart.

Our eCommerce solution includes the following implementations:

  • IFrame (payment portals)
  • API (integrated solutions)
  • Hosted shopping cart
  • Gateway services

Easily integrating into your website and shopping cart, customers remain within your web store without navigating to another page. Completely secure, the system captures cardholder input directly into CenPOS encrypted systems to protect your website from transmitting or storing sensitive cardholder data. 

We are integrated into the following shopping carts:

  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • 3dcart

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Mobile payments

Easy engagement, anywhere

Mobile represents an important customer engagement buying process that should not be overlooked to improve sales and customer retention. CenPOS mobile payments allow you to enable your customer’s mobile devices and take advantage of important customer payment trends.

Additionally, CenPOS Mobile credit card processing provides an Apple-like experience where associates engage the customer wherever they may be and can easily conduct sales while accepting any payment method. Supporting iOS, Android, and Windows, the flexible system gives device independence while accepting chip-cards, capturing electronic signatures, and email receipts - and securing the process with CenPOS validated data security solutions. CenPOS Mobile gives you the capability to extend your business beyond your walls.

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An intelligent, integrated interchange

CenPOS Cashiering combines the speed and convenience of a customer-activated device with the flexibility to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards; cash; checks; ACH; and other forms of payment, with robust validated data security solutions. By managing signature capture and electronic document archival, as well as PIN-debit conversion, the integrated CenPOS interchange management system reduces your overall risk—so your bottom line benefits.

EMV chip-card adoption in the United States started with card issuers exchanging top-of-wallet traditional magnetic stripe cards with those containing a computer chip. In 2015, merchants were required to be enabled to accept chip cards to avoid the shift in counterfeit card fraud liability from banks to merchants. CenPOS enables the acceptance of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover chip cards. Additionally, the CenPOS Enterprise Payment Suite manages the customer experience and prompting for PIN entry or Signature Capture, ensuring the least costly acceptance.

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Recurring Billing

Improved invoicing

Designed for needs of businesses that invoice customers on a regular basis, CenPOS Recurring Billing Systems delivers a comprehensive solution of flexible billing and payment acceptance options.

Enjoy an enterprise system that automatically manages declined transactions and cascades payments to other forms of payment to improve collection rates. Whether amounts are consistent or variable, variable or recurring, payments are collected on schedule and reminders are sent when payments are missed.

Integrated into the CenPOS Enterprise Suite, payments made in-person, over the phone, or via your website automatically update, ensuring that customers aren’t double billed or needlessly burdened with reminders. All activities are tracked and business data is delivered in real time to help you make better business decisions.

Account updater

All payment cards on file are managed at the payment gateway level for PCI DSS compliance and designated a ‘token,’ or an alpha-numeric character set that replaces sensitive card data. Businesses have access to the token, but not the sensitive cardholder data, after it’s stored. With token management, users can update the payment card expiration date manually. No other fields can be modified.

Per rules of card acceptance, the actual card expiration date must be used. There have been recurring billing software solutions on the market that simply change the expiration date for recurring transactions with expired cards, for example by changing the date by one year. This enabled transactions to go through with an authorization in some cases because the expiration date was not validated by the issuer. However, for chargeback rights, the expiration date must be provided by the cardholder and must be correct.

With CenPOS Account Updater, the card updater service automates updating stored payment card data for recurring billing, easily reserving chargeback rights and keeping customer payment data up to date.  Visa and Mastercard have a card updater solution to benefit those making the payments, and the merchants who receive them and CenPOS is proud to have Account Refresher for American Express card users as well.

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Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP)

Expedited billing experience

With Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), the CenPOS platform eliminates the cost associated with conventional paper-based billing and streamlines the collections process for billers and customers alike. This means you get a faster, more convenient way to bill and receive money. Additionally, more than half of most customer bases are interested in doing away with paperless billing altogether.

Because transactions happen in real time, record keeping and reconciliation processes are more efficient, and issues associated with double billing and later charges are eliminated to improve the customer experience. Delivery of electronic invoices via text and/or email with an immediate payment option expedites the collection process and reduces errors.

A rules-based engine allows for easy configuration to accept partial payments with explanations; bundle multiple invoices into a single payment; provide automated reminders of past-due balances; and add discounts or promotions while tracking the status of every invoice.

Working seamlessly with other CenPOS systems, invoices paid in any other fashion automatically update express checkout’s records to ensure that your customer’s account balances are always up to date.

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Virtual Terminals

A virtual force

CenPOS payment solutions offer a wide range of services to accommodate all of your processing needs.

Built with efficiency in mind, our retail payment card processing solutions are secure, simple and easy to use. The CenPOS Virtual Terminal supports the following transaction types:

  • Sale
  • Repeat sale (tokenization)
  • Authorization
  • Force
  • Return
  • Void
  • Check processing
  • Gift card processing

Key features and benefits:

  • Interchange optimization
  • Increased debit conversion
  • Real-time discounting
  • Reduced fraud
  • Chargeback mitigation
  • Streamlined end-of-day reporting
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Electronic storage and retrieval

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Don’t just collect data, use it!

The CenPOS Dashboard reduces the cost associated with legacy reporting systems, which provide limited to no information. Users can create customized reports to help with daily back-office and bank reconciliations as well as internal and external audits.

Key benefits for your business include:

  • Reduced cost of traditional reporting
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Financial reporting transparency
  • Streamlined end-of-day reconciliation
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Business intelligence

The CenPOS Dashboard enables the user to hone in on key performance indicators (KPIs) —such as financial transactions, employee performance, enterprise performance and efficiencies, key operational ratios, and treasury performance analytics. Dashboards bring the data to life and enable a level of analysis that can be performed by anyone, regardless of expertise, potentially yielding new insights for the business.

The Dashboard’s report writing tool allows users to create reports with the data that is most valuable and/or important to them. The CenPOS electronic delivery system delivers the reports to the end-user(s) based on a schedule of their choosing.

CenPOS geo-location services are integrated into the dashboard, making it easy to see where your customers are coming from, thereby helping your business create targeted marketing campaigns to improve sales.

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Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (VP2PE)

Protect customer data and your reputation

CenPos Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (VP2PE) encrypts cardholder data—encrypting upon the data being presented—so businesses can focus on what they do best. Simplify PCI DSS compliance validation and stop worrying about data being stolen between your store and the bank. CenPOS VP2PE prevents clear-text transmission of data traversing your network and enterprise systems, reducing the risk of data loss and scope of PCI DSS compliance validation. Manage the P2PE solution yourself or leave it to CenPOS. Either way, you protect customer payment data with a security solution validated by the PCI Security Council.

CenPOS VP2PE encrypts cardholder data at the point of interaction preventing clear-text transmission of data traversing your network and enterprise systems reducing the risk of data loss and removing the network from PCI DSS Scope.

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Enable data security in the ecommerce space

By allowing our customers to own their website experience, they can control the end users experience who access their site. Through our embedded objects, they do not have to worry about the payment objects themselves. As a hosted solution, the customer has doesn’t have to be concerned about their payment security. We also enable the customer to have a payment experience that matches their branding. The customer has the ability to customize it and make it feel truly as part of their site.

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Payment Card Tokenization

Transform data from sensitive to safe

CenPOS payment card tokenization replaces sensitive cardholder data with surrogate alpha-numeric values. The tokenized data is stored safely with the merchant’s system to facilitate a positive customer experience for returns, voids, future authorizations, recurring billing and other interactions. With CenPOS, these can all be electronically authorized and processed without requesting the cardholder’s information again. By replacing stored card information with CenPOS tokens, databases, log files, and other merchant systems are removed from PCI DSS Scope further reducing the data security audit and compliance validation requirements.

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