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Validated Point to Point Encryption

With cybersecurity and data breaches being a significant concern these days, merchants are looking for secure options to accept cardholder payments that won’t complicate compliance issues and allows for more flexibility in how they operate their business. Merchants are often hindered by various compliance issues associated with encryption, but they want to give their customers peace of mind that they are accepting their sensitive payment information securely online.

A Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (VP2PE) solution cryptographically protects your customers’ payment information from the point of acceptance of payment by the merchant to the secure point of decryption. Sensitive cardholder data is unreadable until it reaches their processor’s secure decryption environment. This makes this data considerably less valuable in the unlikely event it was stolen or compromised within a breach event. Merchants using VP2PE solutions have fewer PCI DSS requirements, which greatly simplifies compliance validation.

Benefits of CenPOS VP2PE

  • Customer data is rendered unreadable by unauthorized parties
  • Payment data is protected and de-valued, as it cannot be abused even if stolen
  • Simplifies the PCI DSS compliance validation process, with only 26 PCI DSS requirements on the P2PE Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Offers a flexible solution for all parties involved
$8.64M average total cost of a U.S. data breach in 2020*
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