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CenPOS is a cloud-based omnichannel payments platform that helps process payments more efficiently, allowing your dealership to improve its bottom line. And with a user-friendly dashboard, you can easily monitor and boost the health of your business.

Power your dealership

Equipment rental companies require customized commerce solutions to accommodate a range of unique transactions and industry requirements, including more card-present purchases, higher average invoices, and increasing use of e-commerce for reservations and checkouts. 

Simplify payments by integrating our cloud-based omnichannel payments platform into the workflows across your dealership’s different departments. The secure and flexible platform offers practical automation tools that streamline operations, increase security and reduce efforts with PCI DDS compliance.

With payments supporting workflows across the service, parts, sales, rental and finance departments, the platform’s flexibility makes integration into the most popular DMS/ERPs easy,  or can be used as a standalone solution. Whether you need solutions for multiple locations or a single dealership, our payments platform helps to process more efficiently, while offering payment acceptance any way your customer wants to pay, whether that’s on a mobile device or desktop computer, at your place of business, or in the field.

We can simplify payments so you can focus on running your dealership.


Multiple layers of data security

Higher ticket transactions demand a higher level of security. The CenPOS payments platform reduces the risk with a multi-layered approach that protects sensitive payment data from threats like fraud, malware, data breach and hackers. And reduces the impact of data exposure within your network.

Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (VP2PE) allows you to reduce your scope, time and costs associated with validating PCI DSS compliance by up to 75%.

Using tokenization, payment data is rendered useless to fraudsters so it’s safe in transit or at rest and remains easily accessible for recurring transactions or future payments.


Minimize impact of fraud

Our suite of solutions helps your dealership prevent and minimize fraud. Fraud parameter settings empower your business to establish which transactions are automatically approved or declined, along with customer authentication tools supporting different types of transactions including card not present (CNP).

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Ease burden of integration

The CenPOS payments platform integrates across the leading DMS/ERP systems, along with other software applications that support heavy equipment dealers’ unique needs.

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Speed up payments with electronic invoicing

Electronic Bill Presentation + Payment (EBPP) helps heavy equipment dealers expedite collections and reduce errors. The online portal allows customers the ability to pay online how and when they want to, whether that’s a full, partial or scheduled payment. Real-time invoice tracking makes record keeping and reconciliation easy and efficient.

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Accept all types of payments

The CenPOS payments platform delivers the payments infrastructure needed to support a seamless experience, no matter where or how your customers make payments – whether that’s on a mobile device or desktop computer, using a traditional card, a digital wallet, or even in the field.

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Smarter business decisions

Our dashboard gives you visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) that are dealership-wide or by department, location or user. Easily track customer behavior; performance, conversion and clearance rates; open authorizations; invoices; payments; and more. You can even create customized reports to streamline daily back-office and bank reconciliations.

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Businesses can reduce the cost of managing payments

  • Optimize commercial card interchange, including Level 2 and 3 processing
  • Reduce hard costs associated with the scope of validating PCI DSS compliance
  • Maintain existing business and financial relationships

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